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Open competition in raw benchpress for everyone who wants to compete. For everyone who doesn't give up. In this competition it is the most important to show your will to compete not only on the platform but mainly with yourself!


Goals are set. Come, compete, have fun and mainly break your personal best. 

spring 2021 - In Prague

Logout from the competiton

Due to the Chinese flu, we had to move the race from the original date of 1.5.2020 to spring 2021. If the new date does not suit you for any reason and you want to unsubscribe from the race, fill out the form and we will refund your entry fee.


1.  Junior women under 23 y.o. (1997 and younger)  - rating by points (Wilks)

2. Women - rating by points (Wilks)

3.  Junior men under 23 y.o. (1997 and younger) - rating by points (Wilks)

4.  Amateur men under 90 kg - rating by maximum performance

5.  Amateur men above 90 kg - rating by maximum performance

6. Men under 85 kg - rating by maximum performance

7.  Men under 105 kg - rating by maximum performance

8.  Men above 105 kg - rating by maximum performance

We are competing by the rules of

Right performance of benchpress according to rules


Benchpress Challenge isn't just a competition. There is a packed accompanying program and great atmosphere of a big event waiting for you. The strongest guys on one platform. Event with a professional moderator. Great sound system. Quality competition oranisation. Just a spectacle that will entertain you and be an unforgettable experience. When we do something, we do it #doplnejch.

Competiton jersey

T-shirt with a competiton logo and nickname on the back

Moderated competition

Competition moderated by professional moderator

Challenge cup

Writing the absolute winner's name on the cup stand

Photo wall

Possibility to take a picture in front of a photo wall

Every competitor gets starting package: 

✶ Competition jersey (t-shirt) Benchpress challenge with nickname on the back

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Crossfit With Us

Pod Harfou 9, 190 00 Praha 9 – Vysočany


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